About Us

South Africa Blockchain was founded in 2018 in South Africa & is a registered business entity in the Republic of South Africa by the Companies &Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) (WWW.CIPC.CO.ZA) . SABC is a proud member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain (IDACB).(WWW.IDACB.COM). The core aim of SABC is to empower the masses, especially in Africa, among many other exciting projects, about the blockchain, NFTs & cryptocurrency.

We are proud to launch our very first NFTs collection, consisting of 11, 222 unique Bad Panther Club and only 111 Rare Pink Panthers, living on the polygon blockchain. Take a look at our exciting roadmap to peruse our short-term goals and have a peak at our whitepaper to see our long term goals!. We will be launching our very own token which will be utilized in the metaverse we create and holders will get free drops of crypto, creating adoption & utility.

We in the game for the long run! Giveaways (via Chain-link VRF), on-going charity, exclusive content, exclusive networking, private events around the world, the development of blockchain technology for retailers & wholesalers in the groceries, pharmaceutical, agriculture & manufacturing industry, development of our very own wallet to store NFTS and trade our crypto coin, intergration of metaverse e commerce for online stores to showcase their products in our metaverse,  metaverse development, realestate development and management in the metaverse and free tokens plus NFT drops to holders!  Kindly refer to our WHITEPAPER for a detailed understanding of our goals.




SABC aims to provide Africa and the world at large with world class education on the blockchain, NFTS & cryptocurrency. We intend to create FREE content by our own employees on various subjects regarding the blockchain. Courses will include videos, notes and All courses will be accredited by the SABC, and all participants will receive certificates which will be recognized by other educational institutes. We will begin a mass roll out in Africa by physically sending our teams to schools and universities, offering our courses. for FREE! Those who take courses will be air dropped cryptocurrency of our SABC coin.

SABC Wallet

The SABC wallet will be a unique wallet from other traditional crypto wallets. Our wallet will serve many functions and create HUGE UTITLY. Storing any NFT, showcasing of NFTS in a gallery, exchanging and storing SABC crypto and other mainstream cryptocurrency. WE aim to be the first crypto wallet with a tap-to-pay feature. Members of SABC will receive a physical steel plated card for transactions.


The ico for the SABC coin will definitely be very exciting. Total supply is yet to be determined, but all holders of any of SABC NFTS, will receive a free drop of xxx amount of SABC coin. The coin will be used in: our education project, where individuals who complete courses will be rewarded with cryptocurrency, the use of the coin in the general economy when we provide blockchain solutions to the retail and wholesale sectors, the constant trading and usage of coin in our very own SABC wallet & finally will be used to buy, sell or rent in our real estate MetaProp.

Blockchain Development

SABC aim to develop multiple blockchain technology which empowers industries such the retail and wholesale. Servicing wholesalers for stock control, point of sale services – allowing a customer’s receipt to act as an NFT, the pharmaceutical industry to record & dispense medical supplies, the agricultural industry in livestock control, output and recording of crop

 E-commerce metaverse land/real estate management in the metaverse

SABC aims to develop a metaverse specifically for e commerce platforms. Helping small businesses grow their brand, by renting land in our e-commerce metaverse which will initially be sold in plots as NFTS, wherein the holders will receive rental from potential vendors. We like to call this a “pop-up metaverse”. Similar to the concept of a flee market or a bazaar, only this time from the comfort of your home, in virtual reality, allowing vendors and nft holders the opportunity to make a good income. We will also handle the letting of these plots on behalf of holder and will pay the rental due to them in our own cryptocurrency, the SABC coin. This will be the birth of SABC MetaProp.


We believe in FEEDING – as inspired by the great saint – JILANI – “if I had all the treasures of the world, I would spend it on feeding the hungry”. 11% Proceeds from our NFT sales will be given to feeding schemes & 1% of royalties – on going charity in South Africa, Zambia & Iraq.